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Corporation Finance

▨ Steel Material Financial Partner

- POSCO Capital is the only financial company of POSCO Group.
  We provide financial services for POSCO family companies, its clients and cooperative firms as main customers.
  We are here for our clients, always.

▨ Steel Loan Service
  Service provider to help clients reduce in actual purchasing costs of steel through securing low-interest financing
  Short-Term Low-Interest Financing

- Background: The joint planning of POSCO and POSCO Capital to effectively help clients
  purchase steel products for development and growth of countries and corporates
- Contents: Services that enable clients to purchase with low interest financial instruments
- Subjects: Clients who trade steel with POSCO.
- Conditions: Discussion with clients in consideration of the situation of the market and client companies
- Others: With the payment method for purchasing costs of steel after a maximum credit agreement
  POSCO Capital may directly pay POSCO for applicable amount of money.

▨ Equity Investment Funds
  Medium and Long-term Financing through Investment

- Objectves: Medium and long-term stable funding for clients who need to support extension of equipment,
  development of new technologies, overseas expansion and financial structure improvement
- Contents: Funding through equity investments, convertible bonds and bond with warrants
- Strategies: Profit optimization and risk minimization of clients with investment promotion
- Subjects: Clients who ensure core technologies, unique markets and R&D infrastructure and growth
  as competitive companies with the promotion and support from POSCO

▨ Mentoring Services
  Total Business Advisory Services for Clients

- Objectives: Solves difficulties of business management and supports successful businesses of clients
  by providing know-how and networks of POSCO Capital
- Contents: Provides a variety of business advisory services for financial structures, debt restuctures,
  IPO advisory and family business succession plans
- Subjects: Clients who do business with POSCO (free of charge)
- Contact : Tel. 82-2-3457-6300 Mail. mysteel@poscocapital.com

▨ Financial Education Services for Client's Next Generation
  Helping Client's Next Generation Gain Financial Savvy

- Objectives: Provides financial education services for the children of CEOs/shareholder of client companies in
  consideration of their doing business with POSCO while growing with the clients
- Subjects: Employees’ children of POSCO’s clients, students and young people recommend by clients
- Schedules: Two courses per year
- Benefits: Earn a certification, extra points added for a job interview with POSCO Capital