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Fund Management &
Six-Factors for Invenstment

▣ Funds Under Management

● POSCO Family Strategy Fund
   POSCO Family Strategy Fund invests and incubates commercialization technology-
   based models as new businesses for a stragegic goal of acquisition by POSCO.
   Supported by POSCO family companies, one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers,
   we leverage the significant synergies of our POSCO family companies to bring new opportunities through this Fund.

● POSTECH Early-Stage Firm Fund I & II
   POSTECH Early Stage Fund opportunistically invests SMEs in their early stages (under 3years after the establishment)

● POSTECH-SMEs Cooperation Fund
   This Fund is Private Equity Fund to invest Small and Medium Enterprises for growth and mutual cooperation

   This Fund has acquired 15% stake in ArcelorMittal Mines Canada joint venture which produces 40% of Canada’s iron ore output

● POSTECH Social Enterprise Fund
   This Fund was supported by Korea’s leading conglomerates, their subsidiary social enterprises and Korea Fund of Funds
   Aims to enhance the role of social enterprise in various sectors and improve their social value

● POSCO Global Strategy Fund
   This Fund has a biotech/healthcare focus and has a mandate to provide new business opportunities to POSCO
   in the biotech/healthcare sector, one of the next growth engines for the Korean economy

▣ Six-Factors for Investment Decision

● Six-Factors for Investment Decision
   Ability to develop a rapidly growing market segment and eventually to have a sizable market
   Capability to participate in the large market with technological edges or creative solutions

● Technology and Business Model Experience
   Demonstrate competitive edge from unique technology or solutions
   Strong competitive edge from manufacturing cost advantages or meaningful technical or business barrier

● Management Experience and Willingness
   Management devotion and experience in the industry.
   Management willingness to share its vision with POSCO Capital

● Attractive Valuation
   Invest at an attractive valuation price through direct negotiations to achieve high potential return multiples
   Avoid crowded and competitive funding rounds

● Optimal Financial Structure
   Investment structure to minimize investment risks

● Identified Exit Strategies
   Exit strategies as a prerequisite to make an investment